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tive inflammation, with considerable infiltration, the surrounding

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ing to enter the Medical Corps of the Navy, to apply to the

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seen her often and had endeavored to lessen the labor

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Philosophy in Yale University. New York: Charles Scrib-

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Even more difficult to discriminate may be the form of cerebellar

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teeth, two had perfect enamels. I wished to show Dr. W. how

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to infection would contract given diseases, as they would be far

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suspected of intoxication, he orders the following as a prophy-

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being kicked out of the cars while passing and the germs getting on

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Artificial Feeding during Infancy," before the Section

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Mrs. W., aged 44 years, was a rather stout, pale, yet fairly

is valium a controlled substance

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painter, and had been at that trade for six years (though he had

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B.Sc, Edinburgh. (Eight months' laboratory (five at Edinburgh University)

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that it was present in the internal organs and blood of congenital syph-

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cough, and their pathology is often obscure. Ti-oitsky, in an interesting

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Invimtrating tonic, and safe aperient in all disorders of the digestive organs,

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ventro-laterally to enter the ascending secondary visceral tract

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Patient had two moderately soft stools durin<^ the night;

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for them breaking out in spring ? Two explanations suggest

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the limit of normal motion, and being strained farther,

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wounded likely to be met with in battles. It is generally sur-

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OCH 2 C0 2 H. — />-Acetylmethylaminophenol was prepared by dissolv-

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Oschner, A. J. Appendicitis as a cause of Inflammation of the

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stated further that the failure of a practitioner to file a sworn copy of his diploma

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the animal so mutilated be pinched, he still persists in his retro-

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the Diseases v/hich attend it, as Headache, Flatulence,

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