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first observed greatly dilated in a case of hydrocephalus which Monro and Whytt
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and last, but in no wise least, by such local treatment of the
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days prior to the making of snch affidavit, and in case that the district veterina-
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the great frequency of bovine tuberculosis in certain regions, and
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The pocket-case was intended to be used in the wards of fixed
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ed, friction can not occur so long as they remain adherent, perfect quietude
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to assume unnatural positions, have something to do with pro-
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peculiar irregularity of the pulse, and that early. This
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ess of organization or heaUng subsided. If the tissues about the
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remains only the human tubercle bacillus, and of this the sole
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author's own, show a higher rate of recovery — 39 and 30 per
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hibited, except under such regulations as may be made by the Sec-
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Gromalkowsky. Ann. de I'lnst Pasteur, 1895, ix. No. 7.
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early stage of the disease, is whether paracentesis of the tympanic mem-
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the hospitals have a ready-made pool of physicians who are
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days lingering about their i)ride and indolence. The Portuguese is dull,
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uniformity of plan in them all, as if there had been in the mind of the
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ease must be based on this occasionally long period of
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bromide of potassium to which a little of the iodide
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retention of urinary elements in the system, as was once assumed ;
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the lenses of the spectacles do not accurately coincide with
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in any form is given. This milk idiosyncrasy is never a primary, but
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Ketention due to mechanical obstruction to outflow of fluids from
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we will open the gates of the city wider than common and offer
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in order that we might become better acquainted and the same week a dance was
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twelve ounces steak and does not exceed two pints of
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that in the next edition Mr. Holmes will have the faulty ones
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In her present condition there is the risk of exaggerating these
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gatives, this is considered a valuable rcnjedy, as it allevi-
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between the trunk, head, and limbs. His hands are characteristically broad
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terest, or of matters which it is desirable to taring to the
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changes, then, do not resemble endoglobular parasites as much as they do
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