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discouraged. I might occupy considerable space here in presenting

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ber of tiny nodules (granules) which appear to be scarcely as

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vessels as a causal condition. He says : " In sclerosis of the cerebral

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Muscular Atrophy. — A few cases of limited muscular atrophy, re-

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rendering quarterly reports to be compiled into an annual re-

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and the electrical reaction of degeneration is more complete, while on the

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1. // if ahxorbfd, and pairei into the blooil. — Without ioaisting on tbt

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late an eminent American has used the nitrous oxide to avoid the vomiting and

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"whilst intra-cardiac souffles are propagated, as is known, in determined

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be excised. In a man of twenty-eight, with acquired

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the stomach was reduced nearly to its normal condition.

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of a gangrene, which- whilft it diflblves into putrid

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the occipital lobe has been the seat of lesion, unilateral and bilateral,

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are free from this substance. If, on the other hand, the liver is from an

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The la/ryngoacope holder (a in the woodcut) allows the laryn-

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that the hearing or the sight of the name of any object immediately calls

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Cricoid aneurism, angeiomata and vascular tumors of the orbit accompanied

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history or exhibit any symptoms to account for its presence.

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furthermore asserted that the milk from certain animals, and, in fact,

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end. There was a bruit, and an expansile pulsation.)

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mary of forty-six cases of cancer of the breast upon which he oper-

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excessively prevalent, particularly in rural districts, that I must beg

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cerebral physiologist under what circumstances and to what extent can

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set themselves to lay out a Physic Garden and to obtain a Charter for the

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80 feet on the East River. On the main floor are the

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granted, but to say that the first event in an attack of

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trials have shown that smaller ones are unavailing.

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services and health care has emerged as a major national

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Dr. Birdsall had gone out of town for the summer, the

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Mini h admiration here will certainly not hinder her progress

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or destroyed. Hence we observe various phases of insanity, from sim-

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epidemic constitutions, so well observed by the illustrious Sydenham,

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The next case was not one of complete cure, but at least the

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