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colt has attained maturity, dyspepsia, in either a mild or aggra-

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frontal lobe appears to be the only traumatic lesion occasioning

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determined by Van Slyke's method as is proved by the fact that the ratio,

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Arlen, Myron. Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery.

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use of the enema, and bed making.) The nurse remains about a week

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say, however, that such a state of aft'airs should never be

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operations attendant upon flaying, destroying, or making post-mortem

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segment of gut. You may have intussusception without complete

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this laboratory we have felt the disturbing presence of nitric acid

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unable, from the mere want of instruction, to pursue to their

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have a few thousands expended in sending your Journal ail

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apex over the shoulder and fasten to the long end. If the end is

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system to be able to dissolve a food substance, and yet not

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of the cases of mange were due to Psorojjtes, but this complaint

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general practice, all systems of medicine have been largely

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ting in their way. First they must find a room and a boarding place and then

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in so many cases accompanied this disease. At one time it was

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Eug., believes that the uolilication of measles would

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found, besides red blood- cells and blood-casts, some perfectly homogeneous cylin-

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ewe. This is probably a purely infectious disease, and

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is mentioned in a charter given to the city by Charles I. in 1636, but

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removal of the supply base by the Heading bacillus, the

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town, Mass., on " Natural and Artificial Lactation," in

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a systemic artery. The two arteries used are the brachial i

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as has already been stated under the head of anatomical rela-

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The stomach tube is used to remove poisons from the stomach,

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