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chronic gastritis, vomiting being a prominent and persistent symptom.

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six weeks. Cases such as this are of great interest in a psychological,

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The five nongouty patients excreted from 22 per cent, to 138 per

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impaired hearing was noted, but since the aflfection has

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much accustomed to write. On the other hand, Nos. 4 and 5 are two

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which they were begotten, the peculiarities, also, of a male by

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Its absence, however, has no diagnostic significance in a negative

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" that no medicines were procurable for the Hospital tents at

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can be again discussed, a two-thirds vote must be asked for. I do not object to any discus-

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School Alumni Association ; Consult- ^'^^ reference.

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Breast, with 274 operations. I have received 163 replies.

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rupture of the heart, the effused blood does not coagulate. Blood effused

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How shall we begin, or rather continue the work } Many

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is expelled by vomiting in the form of ribbons, provided death does not take

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B. influenzae. As the upper respiratory tract has normally a rich

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teach, so that if we were all teachers of the several branches of

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a coherent, tough crust, which remained on the face, and was found to

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intellect. It is always in inverse proportion." Is not,

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Sanitary Science in America. — Dr. de Pietra Santa,

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removal of patients to hospitals or shelters wherever that was

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and varioloid diseases. They will receive clinical instruction upon the cases which they witness

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fragility of the bones leading to spontaneous fracture; herpes and perforating

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collections. In addition, there are a large number of descriptions and plans of

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test affords conclusive evidence in the majority of

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homogeneous, of a white colour, and lay immediately above the acid.

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vapour, inhaled by means of a proper apparatus, produces insen-

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of procedure must be adopted which shall place physicians in

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Ijections of digitalin when the pulse becomes feeble and

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effective predator and one that is exceptionally well adapted

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Colocjmth, proving of, by Dr Watzke, A'pp,, cxlvii.

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access of the disease, without any appreciable reaction during the

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weiler, of Germany, for use by consumptives, to be car-

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