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shown its inefiiciency when the nervous parenchyma has been

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of the diseases of the cerebro-spiual centres, specialists most

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two months after removal of prostatic obstacles ; (2) in two cases actual

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as a group, and I shall begin with the most general one, so as not

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of this kind, especially in a paper from Dr. Larrabee. He made so fair

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disease can be easily and certainly warded off permanently ) and

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carried with the medical equipment, and should be widely used if

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6. Did it result from intercourse followed by prophylaxis?

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The speculating fever is evidently one from which doctors are

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painful and loathsome disease, which might have been readily prevented had

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an easy recognition of a disease which, in the books,

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wanted a consultation, but my physician assured me only a few days

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sists of an albumin and a globulin. The physiological activity of the thyroid

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dition. Fitz states that if a patient in previous good health,

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The attacks are liable to recur as new calculi are displaced,

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disappearance was due to the injury they caused to the poll

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The growth of the eyelashes can also be helped by touching them

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boot. Mustard and hot water in foot bath will sidetrack a fever if

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clerk in a great Liverpool house, with the privilege

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Anaidon, R. W. Nervous symptoms from ocular defects; their

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nearly all are. That grand mare, Melissa, used fairly

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Many persons appear in perfect health, and yet, on inquiry, it will be found that

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tartar emetic must be attributed to its depressing e%ct on the force of the heart, and

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showed that nature was getting prepared for the rupture,

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