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of the reactions from treatment, for while the individual susceptibility

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moral destruction of about 500 women from the same cause.

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Jrtw. 18th. — During the night, temperature was up to 101.5*^

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SMTTH (N. H.>— Observations on Breeding for the TurC etc 8vo. London. Gold. $1.25.

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Fountain Lake on summer evenings. His favorite pastime was to listen to his

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Physiology, Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Chymistry,

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parenchyma. Below, the cardiac shadow itself appeared to be en-

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pressure, indicates that some adjustment has occurred in the vascular

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an irritant poison suspended in the atmosphere. The

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Forty-First Annual Meeting — Greensboro, May, 1S94.

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in a healthy state, become, under certain circumstances, highly corrosive

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The stained sputum is suggestive, but occurs in acute bronchitis;

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are: 1. Slight myopia may be entirely due to spasm of the ciliary muscle. 2.

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sentatives of tbe varioua States as (heir names were

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salts must be given an hour or an hour and a half after

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Mosher, is that of stitching the anterior sac wall and fascia to the periosteum

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stand in a dark room and warm, where he may see no light ;

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to enter Roosevelt Hospital and submit to an operation.

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680 unvaccinated, of whom 279 (or 41 per cent) died.

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violence of heart's action diminished, countenance less anxious,

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must be carefully adjusted to an arc not quite so large as

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