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structures of rabbits through the agency of the special diplococci, which

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])anartliritis or arthritis deformans, panarthritis urica, and sim-

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General cerebral paralysis, or the paralysis of the insane has

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here express a high sense of the beautiful in all the planning and

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or w-ashed with an alkaline antiseptic solution. If signs of laryngeal

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largely diluted with water or some aromatic infusion ; but is

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cast, that lifted up the arachnoi'des. Ossification,

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shows that the colouring-matter is principally concerned in the phe-

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moral and physical, predisposing and exciting ; the history

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shall be declared elected to the respective offices.

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only awaiting tbe proper preparation of the soil by

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careful attention to frequent urinary examination, especially referable

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gradually increased to thirty-two cells, the patient with great

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after, telling of dyspepsia and its thousand horrors ; and not less thankful, in the

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(i. Resection of the Left Pelvis for Osteosarcoma. M. Stau M.

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then there is evidently an excitation of the excito-motor

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of all praise, and has placed the present-day difficulties in a

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influence of season, and it is now generally agreed that in the hot summer

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fied. We agree with the author in the recommendation that these hos-

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Of the other two patients, one, Pellagrin 234, a colored woman, with

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from a given quantity of blood, 1 the microscopic examination of a fresh blood-

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vnaika-NervenstrOmen), eta, but simply because I have no reason to

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thought of. On opening the cranial cavity through the

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rather than from involvement of the brain. He then de-

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verify the cause, and manner of death. In the first

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who happens to have a discharge from the ear, presents symptoms of

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and of aniesthesia, when it exists, being greater on the most convulsed nde.

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property, public and private, including that pertaining to the hospital

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general, it suffices for these objects to ascertain the quantity of urine

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ulation fee. We are confident that the time is not far distant when the

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absence of the ordinary signs of inflammation in w r ounds which

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