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but of slight degree. The serous membranes like the skin were covered

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strains, so-called saprophiticus. The last-named strains all gave a

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milton, I have found as yet, by either method, nostriking influence

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Connected with this subject of enteric fever, it may be

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prevent the vitriol from getting on clothes, as it will

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be attended. Few patients survive in whom this morbid condition,

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as among the proudest and most enduring monuments of philanthropy in our

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L. G. Heneberger, surgeon, detached from the "Indiana,"

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ances are those of Inflammation, viz: Serum, Lymph and Pus.

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action, and the hands ''of nurses were stained and roughened. In one-half

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XXXVI. Work room of creamery shown in Plates XXXIV and XXXV. 308

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the candidate must be taken into account, because a certain amount of

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are not only blood-suckers but transmitters of disease.

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be directed in this paper only to the precipitation reaction.

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attention of the Fellows of the College to ; of the leadiug obstetricians of Paris, made

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cination obligatory and by so doing destroy one of the

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teaching for itself alone, does not in a large degree exist. It

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much value. In most cases there is positively death by asphyxia, but the

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made some original investigations, it is chiefly as a teacher and

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With the December issue of our contemporary, the Columbus

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septic treatment adopted ; others, again, were poulticed. None

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head j then the breathing becomes diflicult, the ap-

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three rats would have resulted in the findinj^ of a few at that time.

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Cases of simulated ajjpeudicitis are so common that

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the small veins in many of the specimens examined by me supports

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transportation of cattle in vessels, the occurrence of such injuries

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writers had published valuable treatises and monographs dealing

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Diagnosis: — The disease is usually easily recognized.

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in the large majority of patients. Complications, which are

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362. Lettuce Salad — Ingredients — Two heads of lettuce, yolks of 2

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majority of cases. It may, however, be smaller or even normal in size. After

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the experience of one of us (P. T. L.) that the serum treatment

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