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who was seen some seven or ten minutes after the in-
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" We would not allow our patients to go beyond a certain
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An efficient lotion having an astringent and sedative action
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cently arrived from New Orleans with yellow fever on board.
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more frequently we find several, which not uncommonly become
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phine or Dover's powders. In severe cases, when the
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number of really scientiHc men amongst its staff. Amongst
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of these corpuscles ; the transference of electrification from
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while one German writer introduces the government and regulation of
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already described, and, stretching across the upper and back part,
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bodies in 1,130 cases out of 1,278. Local irritation is certainly
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tion, signs, symptoms, extent of infection, progress of the disease,
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superficial pains, for establishing collateral circula-
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receive their receipt would do well to assure themselves that it is not to their own
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macology, 1 ' vol. ii. p. 369) says that before the
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large loads in the lower limb. Stress fractures through the
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washed out with an antiseptic solution, and proper drainage
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boidal prisms, of a perfect regularity; it is remarkable on account of
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October oth: a.m.: Pulse, 96; temperature, 99° F. p.m.: Pulse, 96; temperature,
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They differ from the oxyhemoglobin bands by not disappearing upon the
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the effort has been to make a rational selection of well-known
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ful, as often there is no general chorditis; but if it is, its
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tion in the two countries, the increase of ll!2 has not been

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