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Early in the season, on the appearance of warm weather, and till near-
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of the body into the inward, to help digestion, and the out-
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fore operation could be performed. (See paper on Kxtra-Uterine
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by engaging in deadly combat with them. It is a veritable battle, and to the
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hygiene. The oral examination includes subjects of preliminary
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ent altitudes in the state. Contrary to the general opinion
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purpose of developing the cholera red reaction, and soon collected on the
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But no free thinker can engage in theological polem-
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arise remains. In pneumonia these recur sometimes in
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tain in action, for several reasons. The amount of the urine
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talk to the sick in any way, for absolute rest is what is re-
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growth has taken place it is still more toxic. In using whole cultures,
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or congestion of the liver, is characterized by a feeling of soreness and
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The patient, Mrs. S. S., aged 55, a Eussian Jewess, was admitted
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these discoveries. The singular circumstance which gave
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lung is a comparatively rare affection, which, according to Laen-
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made for Saturday inspection. The walls, window borders, and all
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time which elapsed between the severing of the cord and the death of
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before local inflammatory lesions mask the nature of the illness. In
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be left for a time to himself. Mild galvanism for two
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(5) The method by preliminary sub-total dissection and

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