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virulent blood each; trypanblau was used on all but one as a

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complain of any pain in the bones or joints. There was slight curving of the

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The difficulties were well described in a letter of

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are those who are most in need of thoroughly qualified medical or surgical

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with difficulty ; hand seems slightly smaller than the left ;

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gou t ; and so they will by palsies,fevers, asthmas,

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cine; and repeat it as occasion may require, at the same

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the joining of two patrimonies, the putting in common of all temporal

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of the peribronchial tissue. I have already stated that I believe

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£170, namely (1) scale £70 ; (2) wife £25 ; (3) children £75.

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in the posterior fossa of the skull, opening this region might theoreti-

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neck and no escape of gas from the ruptured openings of the aneurism were

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the fore-wheels in the Conveyance Committee pattern (Mark III.

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•61702 Warren, J. C. Surgical pathology and therapeutics.

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