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a possibility of doing harm. It is almost a universal gospel

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result from inflammation of the tympanum without any sign of inflamma-

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Ajtatomt avd Biologt. Philaddpfaia, Pa., U. & A.

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large quantity of pus and a disappearance of the pain and

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for bacterial assimilation of ammonia or reducing deamina-

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sold for medical purposes unless they have the ^tarnp of approval

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The object of the present communication is to call attention to a

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tion than in the present instance. The operation not only relieves

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tlnee years of age, for years a sufferer from valvular

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good news that his nervous troubles had quite gone. He

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the whole sternum, and both murmurs are heard distinctly at the apex —

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sternal ends of the clavicles or ribs. These are among the commoner

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of the last meeting was omitted, at the request of the

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cases demands. He therefore ventured to call the atten-

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The action is undoubtedly one of great importance. The effect

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Treatment of inflamed gunshot wounds by irrigation. — At

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for the discharge of its tubercular and cancerous matter. "When

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tis dependent upon a facial erysipelas, transmitted pos-

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all before proceeding to clamp the broad ligaments.

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residue with 5 ounces of cold water, pressing it to remove all

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will give his address. We are informedby a communication

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from that of a pea to a hazelnut, and of a tough consistency. On sec-

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with scrobicular pulsation was immediately produced by the slightest

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etc., save that of ex.-Surg. Gen. Hammond & Co., who manu-

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a tumour which extended above the umbilicus. After tying the

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remedies will usually hold it sufficiently under control as to

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which might happen to be present in the circulation.

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the liver; its wall was wrinkled lengthways and plugged with a very old clot,

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This is more plainly marked in the legs than in the arms,

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encysted tubercle ; while the infiltration has three, the irregular,

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the limbs, to relieve the headache and giddiness, and to destroy

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the individual muscular fibres are the subject of granular or vitreous

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Endothelial cells with only a few bacteria soon show evidences of

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for you to know the morbid anatomy which will be found, inasmuch

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most frequently heard over the sutures. In forty-seven rachitic

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