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siderably smaller if those of the Birmingham cases who could afford to

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firm tensile circumferential compression and elastic linear

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number of American surgeons who were coming over to serve and whose

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Medicine in good faith. Before joining either this Academy or the

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Of the latter cream of tartar and jalap together are the favorites

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schools within the limits of the United States be once more ur

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as to produce distinct tingling in the various parts of the body

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tissue supplies sufficient treatment. But occasionally a struc

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matters. No epidemics of disease have occurred and small pox which has

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that the tumour is nearly gone. There was pulsation in the artery up

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that your attention is particularly called to the following

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a few moments at each time. She says she derives confidence from this.

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cow s milk we find in the foods containing desiccated and condensed milk

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ening of the capsule fatty changes and hemorrhages.

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The patient s general condition was fair though her annoy

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Devoted to the Scientific Treatment of Organic and Functional Nervous

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they may cause cardiac weakness in some cases from interference with

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Bassini technique was followed in cases Bassini with Bloodgood

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