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A more common form of poisoning is the subacute. The symptoms

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doors as much as possible, and take tonic remedies with a little whiskey

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useless in cases of lung difficulty, bronchial obstruction, or when

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much mischief it is gradually producing. The article in ques-

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epigastrium, inclination to vomit and actual vomiting ; general

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Discussion. Dr. George M. Coates states that about twenty-four years

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ter which is certified to be accurate within the limits specified can be bought for

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pura will be picked out. In army life, especially in war zone

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the main river. The trade wind does not deviate from its nearly strnight course

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difficult to select a site for biopsy. It was decided not

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standing of the meaning of the subjective symptoms will,

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when given with cimetidine compared to when administered with antacid.

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the soldier. The man may be given authority to ride in the ambu-

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below that necessary for their multiplication. It is well known that

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tinual stocking of the legs if left standing long. In milder cases it simply

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to cure, and one might be tempted to say that infectious diseases

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significant that the spleen develops at about this time;^ {c) that the lack of re-

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world. That ought to satisfy any one who never read

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academies, with the head-aching studies of anatomy,

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more, from the time the flour is taken from the mill until the

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embling epilepsy, followed. The patient, to present this, car-

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of pepsin after meals, generally relieved him. Patient had

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in the Philippines, the control of leprosy involved the re-

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the uterine arteries, with very little surrounding tissue

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and which Mr. Whitehead very properly emphasises, — the

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tain facts brought before the Royal Commission ;q»-

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' genicity at concentrations up to the maximum recommended for these assays.

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the patient became gradually habituated, and after sev-

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trocardiogram were normal. Ascitic fluid obtained by ab-

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mention will be made of several theories which have been pro-

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