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and produce as great an internal heat as I could, by

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understand how the * measle ' will have a higher chance

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caused upward displacement of the orifice and secondary

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cells appear upon the surface of the mucous membrane as a dis-

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The clinical fellowship is one year in duration, with the opportunity to add a second year

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beyond all question the best Refrigerator which combines in one, the in-

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^nges), so as to affect powerfully the cutaneous nerves, (p. 548.^

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sive milk diet for a few days has also proved of much benefit.

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majority of methods, used with a view of bringing about arti-

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indeed, as far as scientific subjects are concerned, is

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cases. The remaining four cases were of long standing — a few months

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elected mayor of the city of Elmira, twice coroner of the county of Che-

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upon subcutaneous connective tissue, as over the penis, and in

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Among the numerous advantages of the plan, he signalizes the

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new groove, and I think jirobably it might interest the

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hygiene. The oral examination includes subjects of preliminary

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house, and Mr. Smith came immediately to me, and re-

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previously contracted syphilis, their excesses generate gonorrhoea •

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the few cases of waking vision. The god himself says,

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is then covered with gauze, and the patient placed in the lith-

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as they occur in the laboratory and in the process of

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4. That through the cessation of the seizures and other annoying symp-

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proper truss and appliance, and the application of it. In a

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Listerine is especially indicated in Dysentery, being healing to ulcerated surfaces, without

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is a little too large. The only deformity is that of Rose. There are no

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and top by a heavy iron wire netting. Under the per-

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utes be dispensed with. The following gentlemen were then prop*

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sais has introduced into medicine. By an ontologist he would de-

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the spinal cord which had come under his notice last winter.

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