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from this time on to the end of his course. Dr. Walker's part would then be
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Department of Health, Albany, N. Y.: Vital SuUstics for September, 1921 355
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lose complete control of the lower part of the legs. Others show
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younger than this, Lacto-Prkparata is more suitable; although' Soluble Food has also
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" The extreme neatness-order quiet and decorum of the
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sugar formed will now dialyze and thus eventually as much sugar
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The frequency with which it is detected will depend very mtich
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nately, so incomplete in this direction that it is impossible to estimate,
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into play to assist or retard adsorption. One of the most important of
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the left iliac region, which continued four or live
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longer accept the fact that a person has consumed milk from a
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In Case 14 (Hosp. No. 2593), in which the quantity of drug admin-
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is occasion for it ; but with this proviso, that it be done at
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more often gradual than sudden, aiid that the term "apoplectic" applies less
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the disk much more flushed than normal, sometimes uniformly
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tococci fouiul are not as virulent as those in erysip-
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The confusion in the results by these methods prompted A. B. Macal-
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Reiser, Peter Matthew. Associate Professor of Clinical
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As a Tonic and Invigorator it is always Safe, Agreeable and Certain, being pre
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with these pathogenic bacteria from the diseased into healthy air
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ioloiiical Institute at Athens, Greece, has availed
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000 to support heart disease research work in medical
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consist of only epidermis, the graft is thin and fragile. If it
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Any time of day is right for this kind of bath. It is taken by ex-
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But whereas in the large proportion of cases of amyloid
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ever, numerous criticisms may be ,made of the work.
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CO| -^ | if- 00 Cn 1 en 1 M31CO | M 1 cowl vf^I t£" H> Cl 1
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Laino, Peter. Clinical Associate Professor of Ophthalmol-
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litic, producing a dyscrasia of its own, undoubtedly tends to
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deposit presented in many places a brilliant yellow hae. In the lower
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spirilla introduced into the peritoneal cavity of immunized guinea pigs, or
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fecial n^rve. First, I will remark that it is often pro-
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abortive birth ; (3) to destroy the life that has been

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