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depression, pain in the side, cough, cyanosis, rapid pulse

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should be pulled, not knocked out, if its removal is de-

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when the man assumes the left lateral position, cardiorespiratory

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A considerable number of VIII root fibers pass directly medial-

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2. All consumption is prevented by having and keeping a good, healthy

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hernia it proved to be. I was gratified, however, at finding my

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although if the children can be kept away from the affected

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Nitrogenous matter (Nitrogen, 2.25 to 2.35) 14.5 " 15 "

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"We thank Thee for the privileges of the holy Sabbath-day,

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diet fund and hospital fund purchases. The afternoon may be de-

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modified by his successor, is the form of forceps that appeals most

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the two affections has, however, never yet been proved to exist.

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In dermatitis herpetiformis the mucous membranes are only

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these traits. An even greater exaggeration appeared

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June, and ending on the first Wednesday in October; and

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ever, the active disease in the spine had occurre*^! many

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increasing in intensity for a week or ten days, and then begins

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of the ventilator is opened, and the steam thus ejected

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and our idea was that it was a case of false aneurism of the left side

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the November number of the Glasgow Medical Journal, I tried

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that the patient be judiciously managed during the time, absolute rest

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groups, with the two strains A 148 and 5 4 as connecting links.

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found there a little child possessed of an evil spirit

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dwell strongly on everything which tends to suggest perfect physical

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In delirium tremens its effect is often excellent, and

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boring gentry,) to pass the evening at the vicarage.

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rules of antisepsis in surgery can be judged if some essen-

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It is evident that the liability to such occurrences should

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A civilian, aged 40, employed in the United States Navy Yard,

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Government to the Crimea to report upon the condition of the Hospitals

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to attack disease effectually, but I cannot conceal from

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are to be referred to the Secretary-General of the Con-

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nish an outline of the main facts in obstetrics and diseases of

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