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and are here known as Sarcosporidia. The Sarco-cyatis
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they are overcrowded, and that our patient must wait, yes, wait
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portion of the Federal funds to be awarded for heart
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which will be sufficient for one application, which may be repeated
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fibrosis that separate normal and abnormal myocardium.*^
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theories and facts upon which his conclusions are based^
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becility has become a by-word, even among those who revere the memory
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attempted snicide several years ago by shooting himself, with a
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Art. IV. On the Existence of Continued Currents in Fluids. By Gkoroe
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serviceable. A rubber bag filled with hot water is a
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generally the case and special emphasis should be placed upon demon-
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with a detailed explanation of the various morbid conditions found in
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more fatal at one time than another, contagion has no
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from endemicully infected points. It was noteworthy
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well until fifth year ; at that time ate some pokeroot, which
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order, while they are usually absent in rapid cases of
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eruptions which have kept recurring in different parts
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more cases of epilepsy treated after Bechterew's plan. The author con-
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Sandhurst, England. ISmo. 780 pages and 665 woodcuts
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Wyman, Walter, surgeon. To proceed to Louisville, Ky.,
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is from sixty to eighty beats per minute, wiry in character^
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2456a. The Dura Mater covering the upper part of the Brain. The
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where the pain is fixed, and increased by pressure.; and the pulse
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ineffectual or secure a dribbling only after much paia and
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fibre, such as women advanced in 01 who have born<
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tendency to spread, and is dependent upon some alteration of
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bypass surgery would benefit from this procedure. The ideal
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vestibule as a resultof concussion may cause spontaneous nystagmus,
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The prognosis is favorable, when the abscess is limited to the
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secondary tumour was enucleated. On section the mass pre-
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l-F/jy (loth a quaking or shl-vcnng seize us often!:'imes ivheii
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and the paralysis which has since overtaken him, may not speak of them

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