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ous remains of the cell . body. Some cells are converted into sacks of

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vides ample drainage. Wide splitting of all infected tendon

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The diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis becomes more difficult

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classification that collects the successes and excludes the deaths.

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vate the pain, but in these instances opium settles

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Oblique Fracture of the Upper Third of the Thigh Bone. — Dk. Warren

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the kidneys were restored to health, and they utilized the water in cleansing her system, confirmed

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p. 20), that is, men who had died from disease two months before the battle,

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tive agent. They occur most frequently at the base and in the

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foretell that he would loose his eyesight entirely. This

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wholesome vegetable food, during the winter and spring seasons;

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Catheterization will either be negative or a mixture of

is valium good for restless legs

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tion of methylene-blue, clear spaces are often seen in the

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catheter has been developed that is inserted by the Seldinger

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up, supporting it from the bladder. He then inverts the uterus, and

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re-created by its parents, under the influence of their

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dication be, to obliterate a particular cluster of veins, which

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Psychiatry. Associate Attending Psychiatrist, New York

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person of some public note, was so strongly contested,

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and by what color of title they entered and prosecuted their work.

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excreted through the lungs as are the vegetable volatile sulphides found in

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the youth of the patient, would make it almost certain that

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parently fluid from the stomach and duodenum with its

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demand about four large and well-regulated medical institutions ;

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and exquisitely tender, occupying the middle third. The swell-

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one-half on the second day. Turpentine every alternate day, in

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