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females. This disparity in the relative number of the sexes is
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and has at times been mudi impaired in health other-
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causing further damage, the patient's suffering, and to aid nature,
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spine was an impediment to neuropathology. Further, owing to
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sphere becomes a transcendentalist, and transcendentalism has
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In young animals a careful examination of the umbilicus
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BUla spadicea subcongesta, Watson, Bot. Cal. ii. 202.
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labor, she was delivered by forceps. A very severe spasm occiu'red with-
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be afterwards digested by pepsin 'in a neutral solution
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matter was said to have been thrown up, but I did not see it, nor could I vouch
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by landmarks and light-houses. The mechanic who has acquired such
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ment Normal 18 (first and fourth series in table 5) was included.
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cervix persists, although the descent or the hypertrophy, or other pro-
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Begin by picking up with forceps any part of the bowel that may
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I told him that if I had anything to do with the case I
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Herb-poisoning at the Cape of Good Hope, on. By G. Grey, M.D 92
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Gonorrbcea Is treated in the first stage only with c^d applications and cold
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organs of speech. These attacks may occur at various
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matic " pains a year previously, and confessed to drink-
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the comparison, as far as such was possible, of juvenile
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that cholera made its first appearance about Novem-
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nerve may diminish and even suspend the secretion of saliva. Sometimes the irritation of the
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that cure is as common in the class of pectoral diseases
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III. Thirdly, courses on chronic diseases and clinical preventive
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impossible to fix an amount of daily work which all horses
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to consult me in regard to the removal of an abdominal tumor. Even
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ments of stock, first among horses, and then cattle and
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place his foot on a chair, he frequently raises the foot too high by flexion
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then gradually subsided. On the eighteenth day there
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