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Case in. — Joseph U., a;t. two and a quarter years. H.,
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when it is given in capsule, as rabbits chew the capsule and are likely
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announced what he seems to consider as an especial and important object of its
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Hydatid tumours open into the bihary passages by ulceration of
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life and in sundry schools. His private classes were
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experiments, or the investigation of ingenious deduc-
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225 gm. The urine of each of the animals showed a marked albumin-
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Loss of condition will naturally always accompany long
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by the Colorado Society of Clinical Neurologists. Contact: Colorado Soci-
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Feeding of cakes each containing 0.0025 gms. thyroid commenced.
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'tressing condition, an enormous abdomen, giving rise to serious
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in a medical school be permeated, saturated with this scientific
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formed structures beneath. Then the surrounding redness fades, and in a
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The use of this instrument has led him to believe that
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would choose their nearby hospital rather than travel to a
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there tell me are due to filarial — another kind of worm which
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stroyed 24,000 lives in the last six years), suggests, as
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not, however, attach too much imjwrtance to these, as in tabulating
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my experience enables me to judge, optic neuritis is present in at least
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Tongue swollen and indented by the teeth; mouth and pharynx contained
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appears to result in some cases, in others the natural course of the
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muscles of the lower jaw, could take only fluid nutriment. The bowels were
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electricity from the currents which are constantly passing
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but unmistakable alveoli in the muscular wall of the
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All treatment proved inefficacious, and the patient sunk on
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eyelids, redness of eyes, sensitiveness of the lumbar
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In soup making the broth is the part used, hence we desire to get
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last notes he had had three cases, in which to test it. The first
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satisfactory physical examination. He may be required to pass a psychological
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state, with the condition of the same organ when impregnated, is also
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Woodhull, A. A., Major and Surgeon (U. S. Armyl.— Re-
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testicles and prepuce may become extremely indurated and on pal-
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ing of standard is a criterion or gauge of excellence, purity, relia-
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absent. But it by no means follows from this fact that at the
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and the arms are stretched forward. From this position
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Paralysis was noticed in the left forefoot the twenty-

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