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health and life. By this, we but show the greater and more enlight-
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ing endurance of alcohol an extraordinary sensitiveness to certain
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Papers: Dr. J. B. Blake, "The Administration of Ether at
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scopicity, (c) materials, cotton, linen, wool, silk.
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In cases of cerebellar atrophy ocular deviations, or paralyses, are
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opportunities of observing four cases of vesicular moles, two of which were of
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ties which I have made in the foregoing classification offer very much
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Asslstant-Suigeon Theodore Artaad, U,8.Y^ is reHered from da^ at
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bility of there being a freqxient fallacy attendant on Heller's test. In
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location of the courthouse, I decided to allow more than
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symmetrica congenitalis (Audry), keratoma palmare et plantare
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but in every case examined by him. Because Koch was
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the bowels, vomiting and severe diarrhea, and there may be
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on the screen. This is Dr. Freundberg. His name gives him
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known to the female sex, that many for want of this know-
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black or red rubber nipple, not the white. The white rubber contains
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and the condition of the parts which are visible. There is ground
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refreshed on some points, we are likely to consent to the use of
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The resignation of GEORGE F. WiLSO.N. Captain and Assistant
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lessen the tendency to interruption of the circulation, and
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subjects of morbus cordis, are hurried off" by pericarditis with or
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ought to draw our maxims of legislation. Privileged
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It is clear from tlie study of these two cases that
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examined ; more particularly as to its quantity, reaction, diminu-
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" shrunken kidney " of chronic glanders, which is a very common
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263, diphtheria and eioup 81, typhoid fever 34, diarrheal diseases
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of Yellow Fever. I say rarely ^ for I am fully aware that some
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bronchopneumonia. In both the influenza bacillus was recovered from the
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blockade, administer isoproterenol cautiously CARDIAC FAILURE — Digitalization and di
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the previous dressing. And let us in this connexion note that it is one

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