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indurated patches owingtothe coalescence of several tubercles. With
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practically the same, and another injection was given. Following
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jecting the art of observing to fixed and invariable
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the cord while the dorsal portion is left intact, cephalo-caudal
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disease is perpetuated, but excepting in heart-water districts
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Patient is now eating well, imjiroving in color, and
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Such a method would overcome the difficulty completely,
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It is our duty to urge that the best conditions for employment
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istering a saline intravenous injection to offset the loss
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chills or rigors are more scA^ere, malaise is greater, the temperature,
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Dosage: Individualize for maximum beneficial effect.
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in La Presse Medicale for June 9, 1920. The necessarv outfit con-
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1st Then* Prize (|50) for a thesis OD The Treatment
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very careful in her diet. She considers her digestion to be better
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For full description see New Pamphlet on Atomization of Liquids with Formulae of many arti-
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It forms a protecting coat over the inflamed part thereby allaying irritation
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tion ; a false but captivating system of tuition has been all-popular ; a young man
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it was properly administered. The giving of the an-
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Chap. V. The Process of Breeding. Reproduction and the organs
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the purpose of killing a dog. He began immediately the adminis-
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of its appendages it should be removed. The subpubic operation is
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We are convinced that the great prevalence of tuberculosis among dairy
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sels, binds down the omo-hyoid muscle, and finally blonds with the
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have been the most enlightened, which have been most
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eafes of armies be produced by the different manner in
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of the irritative kind. So is that of Gastrodynia. So also
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a person charged with crime, the responsibility of that person

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