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diathermy, hasten recovery. Forcible manipulation of con-
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" After considerable additional experience of the attacks pre-
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Resolved, That in the death of Johnson C. Hatch, M. D., of
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conclusive. Wliile fully aware of the danger of basing
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rendered to the Council to receive the desserts that it ill deserved.
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lying this often sudden and unexpected change is not known. It must,
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them in motion, and the brain being the reservoir from which the
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were equally large. The globules of degenerated myelin in the
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through canyons of their own chiseling, those deep-cut
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reotactic brain biopsy in neurologically symptomatic acquired immunodeficiency syn-
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facts were added to our knowledge of minute anatomy; and
can you smoke 10mg valium
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before using an instrument to assure himself of its proper
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and always will occasionally overtake the purest of her sex. Abor-
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tliein. Hy studyiiifj sucli cases at (liirHreiit hta;^eti in
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or brownish, and less transparent than in the normal
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influence may be thought probable but is not proved. On general grounds
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sections of the country, and which we were requested to test. The
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Hayes, of Tralee, in The Briiisfi Medical Journal for December 25th,
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on blind men, lepers, paralytics, and other diseased
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In the course of this survey we have discovered that the
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quent it was to find that the very signs that we should
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and disturbs the granulation tissue in its efforts to close sinuses and
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spinal cord, saliva, supra-renal glands, lachrymal secretion, pan-
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is interesting, 58% being English, while the Canadians are represented
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leading to considerable thickening of the Malpighian capsules, and more
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steeped for twenty-four hours in water, or even tested
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