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iners, in all questioning, as of the utmost value ; we can-
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to one point in connection with Dr. Rodman's paper, and that is the
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centration of the secreted fluid or its high saturation with the
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plated fork will pass through easily, they are done. Longer
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form, will generally lead to a solution of the mystery, or may even disclose the
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This affection is seldom without complications. First among the results of
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1 believe it resolves the subject ufider a more comprehensive generaliza-
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local palsies. Stomach Staggers, "Loco," and Acute Lead Poisoning. Sun-
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been under institutional treatment four months and the physician
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The sputum contained large numbers of bacilli tubercu-
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vent enactment of laws intended to provide compulsory
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The false membranes constituting the adhesions are so thick in
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singular fact of Themison, that, having been bitten
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is now making one hundred and • fifty pounds of machine twist (worth
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sight if reference were made to himself or his own re-
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woman was allowed a dowry, and a wife without a dowry was considered
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Paris, 1870, p. 37.-7. Pfbiffee. Centralblatt f. Path. Bd. vil. 1896, p. 737.-8.
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longed QTc interval, first- and second-degree atrioven-
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Dr. Scudder, in his book on fractures, reports a series of
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brought about in the body per se or in the substance taken into the
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frequent in persons who amuse themselves in turning round or dancing
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Mix this with good milk till it is as thick as batter ; sweet-
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Grasp the patient's elbows and draw them gently and steadily
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often very difficult to keep the parts in place, and the patient is always
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that these manifestations may be advantageously dealt with.
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tures of parasyphilitic troubles, followed by deep syphilitic affec-
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directly into the blood stream (Experiment 1, Guinea Pig 2) 2 days
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with a solution of medium thickness of celloidin dis-
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effusion, convulsions, coma, and death will rapidly take place.
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not only be forced into the mouth but even completely out of it. The

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