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committee of Copenhagen that it has nothing to add to them
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This article will review the pharmacokinetic and phar
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remainder of the herd twelve in number successfully
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insertion in the London Medical and Physical Journal
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of districts in different parts of Europe where the many
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salpingitis and ovaritis excited on one occasion by a digital ex
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shown that serious outbreaks of diarrhea and dysentery
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in great measure by the history of the patient. Syphilitic cases require
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causes are so obscure that it has been classified as one of the
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preparations from the different parts of the body in the inoculation of
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Following the Mayor s address Dr. W. Horace Hoskins made fitting
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defects appear the toxic effects of the element gradually manifest
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the blood but exceptions occur and the ratios are very variable.
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Two weeks ago I attended our annual meeting at which
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powder forming a well protecting cover superior to that ob
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decomposed haemoglobin and traces of fibrin. In the worst cases the
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charges for a few days there was no other evidence of injury
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education were held by some of the Licensing Bodies before the
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cians in other fields than the medical. Every one of us
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Two papers in Surgery one of which may be a case for
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of patients who died of fever during the prevalence of the typhoid form
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Whether you need the latest in diagnostic equipment rojjp your exam
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occurrence of gastric ulcer among certain classes of the community.
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journals as enlarged thymus. In one reported by Dr. Hoffman New
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much benefit may be obtained by diet and proper hy
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Colour washing stables is preferable to white washing a
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independent of the number of small and large mononuclear leucocytes.
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yet it affords little information as to the conduct of another
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theory. Ordinary experience of life teacbes us tfaat
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throw some light on the etiologic relation between the streptococci
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indeed considered as a morbid process i ipri aic as
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opening of the urethra in such cases is small and frequently
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immediately with the internal iliac glands. The vascular supply is of
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said to be startlingly large. So far as is known this
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that there were cicatricial bands running from the incision in the
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have as their basis arterial gymnastics either for the
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introduced by the white settlers and the wearing of
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Local Treatment. Astringent and antiseptic drags given by
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portion of carbo hydrate than when it is deficient. Carbo
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third generation in the last named experiments is followed by
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dre stitched together and then the wound margins. Only light
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about eleven days with weak pulse subnormal temperature
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mostly composed of oil globules exudes. Of the inter
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Besides influencing the functions of tissues in the manner which has

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