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res, gleam over the dead, but give no certain light to the living.

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intercurrent, as well as the throat or bronchial affection, was cured.

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ventricle at the bulbus arteriosus. In the former position the nerve

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chiefly affects the exposed parts, is largely due to local irritation from

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have presented the same rounded and level appearance, apparently so dear to

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the nervous system with a needle yields results similar to those which

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the ship. A return pipe brings air back from the ship to the furnace.

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Wash. "From the choicest white wheat; hulls removedjeav-

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No farmer's Ubrary is complete without it. — Southern Live Stock

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and unworthy dogma of the healing art, and should be buried

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standers to conjecture whether something more important than

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ture of radius automatically shifting into place. Greenstick fracture of

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l4ecomp03ed into its constituent parts until it has to be sepft-

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on the Advances in the surgery of the central nervous system.

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one hundred and nine cousin-marriages. The consanguineous marriages in France

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There can be no doubt that the manreuvres employed by mes-

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Although we are accustomed to speak of sore throat, eruption, iritis, and

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when he began to increase in size and weight. He is now 6 feet 1 inch tall and

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a wide -spread epidemic form; but, unlike croup, in either case, the

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Subscriptions should be sent to Superintendent of Documents, Government

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allusion to the part which the Dublin School of Surgery has

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the throat are capable of assuming the voice-producing functions of the

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immunized to the disease. There seems to be abundant evidence that

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sented as a communication before the Parisian Medical Society. It was

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personal factor in the communication of the virus of poliomyelitis. He empha-

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pure cellulose, Martin found that the three most digestible starches are

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intaining no Oxygen : thus in two respects they resem-

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or, and indorsed by him. The students are continually under the

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in it, as for example by phlegmonous inflammations, gangrene

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is considerably embarrassed. The blood stagnates in the whole limb, but

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uterus. The inner covering is the amnion, which contains a

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