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ply and which seems to show that we have not yet de

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species and varieties are enumerated from an area of approximately G hec

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of these affections among the fatal complications of

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whether Ixjst exi licable by the monist or dualistio

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But as regards diagnosis we are exactly in the same condition now in

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Major Orthopaedic Citations from Bick Edgar Source Book of

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of the lymphatic glands and which finally culminates

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Treatment ol Eclampsia in the Work as the result of galactagogue hormones

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significance and value in the diagnosing of disease.

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paratively little notice though they api ear vaUialjle

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have been many and bitter the successes have been more

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had to advance to a considerable degree of perfection before hygiene

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through a widely dilated pupil. In this unconscious and

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to the county asylum inflicts an unjust tax on the ratepayers. But is

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definite conclusions. There was no permanent bad result in

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idix six inches in lengtb pervious throughout but firmly

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whether they are studied from one or the other point of view.

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Influenza Cases as Observed at Camp Devens Mass. Johns Hopkins Hosp.

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calculation. In like manner the only way of improving the art of

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notics fail we rely upon its administration in producing

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instead of January and that the Secretary of the Society

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make the stoutest heart quail at the immensity of the

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rhythm known as pulsus higeminus or coupled heats oi they may succeed

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poses. It is also proposed to test herds in which disease is known

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right auricle is still compensating. With the striking

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I usually begin by injecting a twentieth of a grain and if the

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been unable to demonstrate appreciable enlargement of the heart

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Six years before he had first suffered from an acute attack

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This man sustained ten years ago a fall upon his face from

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consent and Mr. Peterson called at my residence. After ascertaining the

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