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legitimate progress as that into which we enter at this

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presented the appearance of profound slumber his legs crossed his arms by hia

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child have in its tissues bacilli transmitted dircectly from the father

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any treatment beyond the observation of the aboA r e precautions.

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Systemic Changes consequent upon Inflammation. Discussion of Adaptation

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as it were and scattered in fragments in the field of the microscope.

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we introduce them here because we wish forcibly to emphasize the inter

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treatment of this affection does not require special con

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surfaces the treatment will be incomplete unless meas

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practical point of the utmost importance on which the speaker

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It is only the beginning of the State s work yet the earnestness

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prevent the occurrence of the relapse. The headache and arthritic pains

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ambulatory form of typhus fever. In certain epidemics inflammation

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lem to say how suggestion will act in any individual case.

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Thorax. The external surface of the pericardium contained a number of can

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affected by pathogenic organisms and may by its functions modify

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litigated cases and at times persists after a settlement is reached

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preparations. It appears first as an isolated punctate granule without con

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typhoid state of fever afterwards induced by the same pi edis

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vulsive seizures which may occur. Cases of heart block may

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culature and fatty panniculus are well preserved. This is due to the secondary

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domestic uses. They find that there is much irregularity

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cutaneous area a most active fluxion of blood through an

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become infected or meningitis or thrombosis have been produced. The

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cent occurrence in the army and there is something of the fear

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One is inclined to remark that it is too bad that this

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sion from one and a half to two drachms of a strong solution

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cive to the mutual safety and protection of the three

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were of the chronic hemorrhagic form. The mortality under medical treat

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myopic eyes affected with separation of the retina. He found the wire

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