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Since the late severe epidemics it has been the fashion to date various

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detect traces of sugar by Benedict s test. Allen believes that under this

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are so far from it that the urine is alkaline when passed. What

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cures for these diseases might be found in the near future.

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tend starvation from inability to retain or digest food.

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American Medical Association. Besides the title provi

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the disease is confined to the box of the larynx and

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cold bath is contrarindicated when the pulse is irregular and intermittent

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culty of breathing which constitutes almost the only symptom of the

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of conjugal life than in the first party of the married couple

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Guard or the Organized Reserves. In your communities you are

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experiments consisted in feeding mosquitoes of the genus Culex on patients gt

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recoverv cannot be expected. They do not speak decisively on this point.

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to the cold of winter. A warm climate is best. This observation suggests

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occurred at Genoa when the garrison was besieged by the

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vitiation of the air by carbonic acid gas a febrific effluvium was

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to this Dr. Jenner wrote to the American agent through

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