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Tc m scan An aid in the evaluation of gastrointestinal
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foolishly confident of her ability to treat the sick
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the vitality of our organization Do they not show an
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munity is more apparent than real. A European for example comes into
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of the disease at other ages may be almost disregarded. An
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commiseration for the unfortunate offender and so few social
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at very low or at very high degrees of temperature. Numerous organ
infections such as influenza and encephalitis may have a bearing on
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She suffered from considerable pain in the abdomen and
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its sounds have acquired a metallic quality in consequence of the
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cavity was thoroughly flushed and a drainage tube in
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Even if it remained only normal at. gm. per day however the
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the statistics which comprise a part of this report were made up. This
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thirty per cent. bad recovered while in a collection of twenty
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the like to reduce the gland are more dangerous than surgical operations.
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Incidentally he remarked that there should be a law prohibiting
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leg and the spasm of the adductors causes knock knee or may
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seemed to me that the time had arrived for active interference.
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I may mention the case of a physician affected with typhoid
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or play tricks upon him by electricity or mesmerism or in some
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the days before the use of refined methods of physical
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sports. About two years ago he first noticed upon the
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the eel serum than the rabbit thus one tenth of a cubic
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the rhythm be influenced excluding the A V system. A recital of a
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this therefore that I call the hydropic diathesis which fre
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examining authorities to take their chance in the medical curriculum.
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natives of the Great Plains understood both solstices and seasonal changes
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were able to pay a physician were required to sign a
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Turning once more to the question of incubation experi
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notics and anodynes. Among spinal sedatives gelsemi
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On August Dr. Billings recommended Dr. Gray for promotion
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candidates. Not one of these young graduates is allowed
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In this experiment the cows which gave the richest milk consumed
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In this douche the application is confined to the cutane
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able to avoid acquisition of the trick by other animals.
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Through all down to the bone an ample drain vent was left.
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tions such as lead alcohol and syphilis. The seats are
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paralysis causes two of the main symptoms of the disease
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upon the action of some toxic agent on the motor cells.
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that gentleman has just been issued. The report states that when
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Studies from the Institute for Medical Research Federated Malay
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detected or not by systematic bactericidal treatment of the excreta

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