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Dr. Robert Newsman, of New York county, said that he had seen

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ent on the casual bounty of individuals is too precarious a provision

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of rye. Half -ounce doses should -be given every half hour. The

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E"ow, however, we may the less hesitate to be conservative even at the

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dosing them with poisons. Such treatment must have been any

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not ordinarily pass, and to the morbid susceptibility of inflammation

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insuperable, in case of a very large head. In the 1. o. p. or r. o. p.

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lized carbonate of soda.'^ Astringent, tonic, refrige-

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same cautious manner as when treating fibroids. All acute inflam-

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We recognize tetanus by the unnatural condition of the muscles

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Africa, and suffered with malaria. Both the liver and

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lessened by lengthening the interval between treatments. A patient

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of the Committee on Public Health and Safety, but was rejected

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drachms. The walls of the chest much more contracted.

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dilute spirit or in salt and water appearing quite normal, while those in gly-

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To turn now to the clinical side of the question, the

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The author first insisted upon the fact that the term chronic 6right*8 disease

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jerks when the chest is being filled with or emptied of air.

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for the body. Probably both of these views — that is, the

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year or two of his residence in the country with large indolent sores, which spread

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the condition his view now was that it was cirsoid aneurysm ; the outline of

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transplantation of the disease from Holland to this country it has

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most cases, being 6.5 per cent. ; lactation and uterine ovarian

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Association, and to Mr. G. Rowell of Guy's Hospital, for the actual figures, which are as

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Charing Cross Hospital. — Inclusive fee, 20 guineas.

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and was listened to with marked attention. A very instruc-

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active principle represents in its action that of the crude drug. They think

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especially from cadavers to the surface of the ground.

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ness and great excitement, while one complained of giddiness and

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was quite justified. However, the following extract from an ad-

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patient has always been eccentric and quarrelsome. He married

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and special treatment resulted in closure of the wound,

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