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gone into, and in event of a translation into English,

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have to be carried on for a week or two, the first day using

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of fuchsin or gentian violet, in the later stages it does this very imper-

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but only slightly, implicated the gray matter in a certain part of the

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momentary one, as the bolus is hurried through the fauces. Fox

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be made with a quarter of a pound of rice, a pint of milk, half

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constitute in themselves a very serious mental affection. But when

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on an anaesthetic patch. Simpson, however, in Calcutta, described bacilli

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son, U.S. v., and A. A. Surgeon D. Cummins, U.S.A., to

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lungs, and forms a partition called mediastinum, which divides the

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stincts are not alone the attributes of the lower animals ; man has

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and in one were as high as 107- The pulse in the cows varied

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doses in our patients significantly were not different, the

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ages of three and five years, and about 50 per cent, between five and ten.

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CULUS BY LITHOTRITY — RECOVERY. — J. L., Set. 27, ship's

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the centre of the external auditory meatus, so as to avoid the lateral

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frequently been astonished to find scarcely any trace of pneumonia

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its aramoniacal odour, its increased flow during micturi-

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which operation was performed were important factors in our results.

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Climates, to the Sex, and to the Different Epochs of Life. By Jambs Copland, M.D., <fco.

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of the missionary force. Experience in Christian service is

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ordinary prudence be shown by the child's attendants convalescence

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too far, a sore is formed, productive of no good effects,

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Attending Physician, North Shore University Hospital.

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partisans, on the contrary, claiming that antirabic vacci-

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type of organism with which the individual is infected, and knowledge

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the general imi)ression seems to be that there is very little choice. One

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question of the absorption of a drug is thus simplified

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