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hydrochloric acid and concentrated in vacuo. The addition of strong

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after, the mother noticed that there were irregular move-

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throw in the drug rapidly for a few days until bromization is

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nature as the disapprobation of his fellow-men and fellow-

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the bulk, and further alarms the patient or friends.

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ing, and the ordinary astringent injections are at times so unsatisfactory, that I Jntend

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doctrines of cerebral action, and more especially the recent con-

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half its cost to the public — $1.50 per year, $2.50 for two

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Making and selling wallpaper; polishing brass and nickel; finishing

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The patient was a school girl aged 13, who complained of

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bulging of one. Paracentesis was immediately followed by a fall

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Cartilage cells and bone have also been described.^ The growth

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and foiuul the foot and leg looking quite natural, no dark spots

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notably glycogen and protein, but especially the former, since endoge-

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sterile glycerine and carbolic acid. After grinding, the mixture is

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to be opened by direct violence, or from ulceration of its coats

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Hospital; Surgeon to the Johnson Emergency Hospital.

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riage occurs. In those who are born there are all degrees of vital tena-

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Holloway, T. B., an instrument for the removal of intraocular foreign bodies, 241

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ger in an adult. A case is related of amputation of a badly-formed leg, by M. Du-

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marking the blood-leucocytes, so that they may be distin-

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devised a flexible apparatus for this purpose somewhat

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that is, of a wise man, is put into good order, and 12 preau-

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physician of 70% to 80% of his Typhoid Fever cases and pro-

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cause the temperature to fall 0.3° to 0.6° C. (0.5° to

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vious to the disease, and during the last days of life or at the

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pecially, proclaimed against this operation in pleu-

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