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diphtheria, scarlet-fever, measles, small-pox, typhus, typhoid

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tory. " They suggest " that where the individual arrested has been guilty cf a chance

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few years before this his eldest brother James had given

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infrequently, at least in this country so far as we are informed, that the

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open left out grazing all night that horses get most severely

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made for a specific treatment. If the disease is of a

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rapidly as where the cattle are housed. A proof of the aggrava-

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the result. Occasionally in late stage of gestation, delivery is hard and

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physician, in order that the sciences of chemistry and therapeutics shall continue to

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control over expenditure of energy, he now had no digestive dis-

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distinct possession, and therefore entitled to apply for recognition on its

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terior diameter suffering most. (10) In young animals, 2 cubic

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from some of the symptoms being similar in the two diseases.

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are at present so nearly wrought out, tliat there is gootl

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distribution of the various medical establishments employed in

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when to augment it ; when to clean out the ashes and cinders ; and

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places the obstruction directly in the median line. The

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many phthisical patients always partook more or less

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o«aaftt mofe frequmUj; but between eigtiteen a&d

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cians of his time a delightful field for the exercise of

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ease by the usual legislative processes, and that having been deemed

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chaotic state of the subject-matter largely detracts from the merits

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and completely developed character of these cells, with their well-

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Dr Park said that he had been surprised to read in a recent

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Case 2d. Cherodot, a laborer as we learned after he became conscious,

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does not necessarily impart the same type to another, but

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"In thing's essential, unity ; in things doubtful, liberty ; in all

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by the skin be deposited on the walls, pipes or bedding. In such a case,


powder to absorb moisture, however, raised the question as to the

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varieties or a mixed bouillon culture be used. It has been suggested that

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INDICATIONS. — Ira potency, Spermatorrhea, Loss of Nerve-Power (so usual

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horse is just adapted to the caliber of the glottis, he being a non-

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Reports from the Roentgen Ray Department of the Albany Hospital . . By John M. Berry, M.D. 98

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the infarct zone permitted the development of circus move-

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