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per cent, in special cases even 1 per cent, of the body weight of a forty-eight

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be borne in mind, however, that an unhealthy ovum may perish

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dients of modern operative surgery ; full of hints and information. It is an

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and has related to the twelve men on the jury and to

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observations from which it a})peared that he had ni-

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maniac, should it become necessary to restrict him from committing

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on Chemistjy to the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. Second Edition. — Lon-

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Ikull) of the child and every where touches its con-

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exposing the patient by wet clothing or to cold air, poultices had better

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5. Higgins, H. L., and Means, J. H. : Effect of Certain Drugs on the

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Yet there is little conclusive evidence in its favour, and some authors

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quitoes Which Spread the Disease. Reprint 170, Public Health Reports.

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Medical and Chirurgical Society, April 23, 1841, amongst other

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lust. It requires sexual intoxication to drive people to such an extremity,

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greatest, and this thickening is the beginning of a "Lane's ileal kink."

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and should be given at the acid stage of the digestion. At the

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contract bis sphincter by voluntary effort he generally

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time enduring the mental torture which results from the con-

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made, nothing being found at the examination in either

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der close supervision, and an examination of probably i,6oa

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who regarded it as undoubtedly a naevus. This man had no children.

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Notwithstanding the mildness of the disease so produced, there is no

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what is done for them, removes their complaint, or in-

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Having a very obstinate case, upon which he had exhausted the

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On the other h'and the unrecognized infected persons are

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centro-hemispheric hemiplegia of the right side is often associated with

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1 have iK'en unable to satisfy myself. Very probably Lyell is correct in his be-

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were curious to know if we were using the product of legiti-

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