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flannel, put in a gravy strainer : this frees it of all odd little bits

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large, smooth, rounded swelling, which gave to the hand a

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wagon and received a contusion of the left side. She soon had

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above explosives may be summarised as headache, giddiness, derangement

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tion Depot) for special temporary duty. December 13, 1899.

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silver, strap them, bandage them, and paint tincture of iodin

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usually resulted in failures. As a rule, when this method has been

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and I found all the symptoms of the day previous were exaggerated.

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of the digestive ferment ; secondlv, the constant contact of the mucous mem-

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mixed with that from perfectly healthy animals. They should

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plaster casts. They offer protection to the joints and allow inspec-

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important role in the production of femoral head dis-

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It can be conveyed by inoculation with the blood or with the yellow

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who have observed and written much in regard to tetanus, teach us to

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under the abdomen, as large as a mandarine orange, soft, well de-

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of any previous cardiac disease or of severe general affection affecting the whole

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with anti-septic precautions, there is small danger of sepsis.

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of the missionary force. Experience in Christian service is

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prefers to carefully watch his cases, using palliative measures. If the

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sacculated. A tube was passed into the cavity, and the wound

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severe exertion, such as racing or drawing heavy loads.

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tirely an infant food and about sixty-five per cent, of all babies

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cartilage may be seen in the first four or five vertebrse ; up

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one hundred and nine cousin-marriages. The consanguineous marriages in France

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began to prickle and be painful ; she was assisted to

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with open tuberculosis have revealed no apical lesion, so that of

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420 Dr G. F. Shiels, 229 George Street, San Francisco,

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