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Audrey Davis, Curator of the Medical and Dental Division

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Because in. sleep the heat draws inv/ards, and helps diges-

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positively identified, although a catheter entered an

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vances still further, the pulmonary tissue appears of a pale blue

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probability, an intercollegiate league being formed this coming year.

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him to one book, should select in preference to all

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stipation. The general debility, and the great emaciation, were the

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Aiges, Harvey W. Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics.

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patient was taking the diuretic remedy was marked. The acetate of

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(1) Examination of gastric contents. — 1. Methods vised to obtain these. —

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de Giber ; de m^me que l«s alchimistes . gr^co-^gyptiens avaient

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both in *' Rasarwava" and '*Rasaratnasamuchchaya.'*

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us, and then see if we cannot harmonize the developments of science and

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physician to the Hotel-Dieu, and gave up his private

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In the great mitral obstruction and the right auricular

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lems of mind, mankind will probably never agree, yet

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the ovaries and Fallopian tubes, and not the whole of these, is con-

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AnH'ri<;anH was that it was generally comerled that

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regular service, but rendering its aid where it is needed

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centres, and from ground which has been soiled by the dis-

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characterized by the presence of new-formed granular tissues

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overlooked. With the microscope the peculiar dense cell masses of

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the cause of the fit, the nature of the antecedent disease of the

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fer it, it should be in the hands of every medical practitioner,

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vocal cords; it is the vibration of these vocal cords that produces

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river. At tnis post, the prairie opens upon the lake four miles wide,

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dition recovered sufficiently to go about and attend to her house-

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anterior wall. Ulcers of the lesser curvature specially tend to affect

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each individual as they occur, frequently passing from one to another, and

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in fractures and in other surgical cases. In a case of fracture of the leg, with

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Severe headaches often accompany this train of symptoms,

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pregnated with medicinal salts, possessing sinirular virtues as remedial

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nection with the unusual slowness of pulse, he asked and obtained permission

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