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paper on this subject. He said that renal surgery is

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water and thoroughly cleanse the belly, legs, and feet

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and accordingly performed the same, without hunting up the

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of tuberculosis it should be noticed, that there are three points to

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list and samples of Granules to physicians using them and those

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projections constituted by the free extremities of the intra-venous

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society where there were any true piety and zeal for the cause

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of any sort is rarely complained of by a patient affected with simple

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growth at one particular spot of the villi of the chorion, and

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of the disease, unless indeed the bone and tendon grow

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Pregnancy. Among the 438 female patients in this series there were only

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Great Britain. The Catholic prelates brought ovei a

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operations, giving full particulars as to the preparation of patient's

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of the glands and superficial vessels, to about an inch above Poupart's

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the manner how it comes out of the human body 3 1 9

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It may cause septicaemia with single or multiple localizations. It is the

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The summary of the article should not exceed 250 words; iljf

will valium hurt my dog

from the earliest ages. The names of Pindus, Olympus,

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M. Beard, of New York, read a paper on Recent Researches in Electro-

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W. S. Galbraith, Lethbridge, Alta. — "Surgical Achievemaits of Small West-

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host. No drying with towels should be deemed sufficient,

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also discovered, parallel to, and just three-quarters of an

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gress has been held in the United States. The first

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fijid it aomewhere under the scalp more or less remote

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observe a wide variance, and might come to the conviction that this vari-

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Monk, Mary Beth, 135 N. Strathcona Drive, York, Pa.

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cular or is spread out ; it is fixed indifferently on the intestines or on the ab-

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improvement. The severe haemorrhage was completely checked

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below that necessary for their multiplication. It is well known that

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sence of lemon, of each 6 drachms, oil of cinnamon, 20

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This feeble, empty pulse of scarlatina maligna, has been supposed

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invaded and rendered the seat of pathologic changes

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