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When using the standard tables the slider E is adjusted so

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respiration on that side is still bronchial, with occa-

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B. C, whose inroads among the Athenian population were never

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mation regarding food, water, ventilation and the general

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an effort that requires concerted community action. The

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Polyclinic for the past eight months, affords a peculiarly happy

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Byzantine schools preserved. No Englishman, and still more no Scotsman,

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was boiled under a reflux condenser with 5 parts of 1 : 1 hydrochloric

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still more is this the case when we direct our scrutiny to the penetra-

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the dilatation of the small veins normally existing in the thickness

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among them the author's test for Bence Jones' albumose, depending on

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The cause of death was undoubtedly the delay in the healing of the

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region had apparently aggravated the eruption locally. On the lower

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viewed as an expression of chemotaxis, how far the altered con-

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was also a large sign printed on cotton placed above the entrance gate

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its presence next the dura mater bounding the sintis, inflames its wall

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much less common than those of an immediately prac-

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attributed to the evacuation of a certain number of the microbes and

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castle-on-Tyne 17.8, Nottingham 15.5, Oldham 22.1, Portsmouth

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here equal to, or has the properties of the red-sensitive matter, as indicated

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*' flowed from the bone itfelf, nor was I miftak:n ;

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occasion to call this structureless membrane the basement membrane.

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ao-e, with disease in the lower dorsal region of two and

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of embryos of Diemyctylus torosus from the earliest responses

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the spread of contagious and infectious diseases among domestic mima fe withifi

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mis), the general way of using blisters; (6) endermically,

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have to bear with on account of long established custom. It

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a species of meningococcus septicaemia, inasmuch as the meningococcus was

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