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Eecovery following treatment by antitoxin is such a natural kind of

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of horses. In both cases a warrant is given, and the questionable

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The disease is generally located in or beneath some portion of

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Write ''DA. W, ” "No Sub, '' ofMedically Necessary, ”

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experiments, the author considers the peculiar electric state of the

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supposition an incision was made through the protruded conjunctiva. Some

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offer a few gentle suggestions for better software design. These

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vexoconcave for farsighted persons (with predominance

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classical training gives the subject of it great advan-

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tive to cases that we were working on, or else in spare

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water, 8 lbs. loaf sugar, 8 oz. tartaric acid, gum arable, 1 oz.

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(5) The method by preliminary sub-total dissection and

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given the profession a good journal, strictly ethical,

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ties, training, environment and conditions, one hundred of

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over its fundus. As the bowels had not acted since the operatio,

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is a cause ; others, that disease of the ovaries may be a reflex cause.

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as a matter of science, but is of no use to suffering humanity. If

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of bad vision in the dusk and of inability to "see if things fall."

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secured good coaptation of the scleral edges. A perfect re-

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V. Dr Breivis read his note of a case of porro-c^sakean

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circumstances. The consequence of this wise legislation is a hardy and

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well as home canning methods. We have not had an opportunity of

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of meat killed while cattle were diseased, but of cattle

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50 and 70, I found it to be 10^ oz. ; both averages exceeding con-

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