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effort, and accompanied by a peculiar myasthenic reaction

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splendid temple '*pro valitudine populi Romani/'^^ His usual

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necrosis of the cornea. Ammonia accidents are, moreover, becom-

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cases, and has a higher rim than either the perineal or

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World. Price, 8 in. wide, I2.50; 11 in. wide, 53-00

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Vesicles are rare upon the palms and soles, though they do appea'r. Lesions

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continuous losses of blood, continued fever, and indeed all wasting

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for several days by loss of appetite and malaise, sensations of chilliness or

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placental bruit. With the assistance of the friends present, I

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Surgeons A. H. Thurston and A. J. Phelps, U.S.Y., have been relieved

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disease. Every prominent microscopical creature was in this

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found in this paper. He finds that the treatment of phthisis,

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moved by rinsing several times with sterile water. The methods

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Once the stock is brought together again, good judg-

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white corpuscles emigrate into connective tissue it is possible to register

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becomes generally fo violent, that it is with great

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19. Galloway: Proc. Roy. Soc. Med., 1910-1911, 4, Clinical Section, p. 42.

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collar galls, etc. The position or slope of the shoulder

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glion in the chick are recorded by Carpenter ('06) in the paper

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air, and is useless. It is important to beware of the

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time, filter each solution, evaporate, and set it aside to

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with anything like a satisfactory demonstration, owing to

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contact, and there retained by means of the thumb-screws, perfectly

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more than this. In this and in every kind of Epilepsy

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authorities. In order to report different types of sectors the

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has latterly excited so widespread a scientitic inter-

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