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originate an»mia, tuberculosis, and every form of diabetes that lowers health

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1 See Boston Medical aud Surgical Journal, January 13, 18d8, pp.

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430, who describes the case throughout as a case of cancer, and accurately de-

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Another was despatched to Brazil; landing at the mouth of the Amazon,

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the above objections exist, and the idea is repulsive. This

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practise artificial respiration, I may be pardoned if I express some

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clear; the size of the growth is relatively inconsiderable, and there is

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lution in the lot of the unfortunate beings who are deprived of

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matter of fact he used in his researches stoppers of gutta-

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patient was a boy, aged fifteen, who was; ^wing to the fact that a great manv patients

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character. The effects are, for the most part, of an atrophic nature,

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out cover. Take up directly after they are done, drain, dish

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Dr. Leo Egger, of Vienna, on American Manufacturing

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acutely, generally become chronic. These are probably almost entirely of

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urea in the urine increased, but the inorganic constituents as well.

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countless other things, told of the presence of the

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injection ; as soon, in fact, as the injected fluid finds its way through the heart,

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devices. The patient being seated on a chair with the

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note the impression on the alimentary canal in the form of gaseous

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transferred to Detroit, Michigan, where he was in charge

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definitely how phosphorus fumes act upon the bones. By some it is

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present seems paler than it should be. The number of the white

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tive agent. They occur most frequently at the base and in the

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Bealb, M3^ F.R.S^ Physician to Kin^ College Hospital ; Professor of Physiology

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siderably in diemical and physical charactei'istics. Their molecular

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well hog with the virus of a hog that has the swine

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than anything else. On the other hand, as may be observed,

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different, etc." (Quoted by Councilman, Mallorv and

vasco 10 gocce di valium

land, O., and assume command of the Service. November 27,

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violent manipulations rarely play the most important

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Bulbar paralysis without apparent anatomical changes. — From

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