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as two teachers of modern times (Director E,ueff, of Stuttgart, and
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are: 1. Slight myopia may be entirely due to spasm of the ciliary muscle. 2.
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necessary gastric juice to incite or promote digestion, dyspepsia will follow with all
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on himself a lower type of manhood, and even trans-
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His contributions to medical literature have been few and
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are less elevated. Those which are free from dust are to be pre-
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Disease to instruct him in measures for preventing the spread of
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regiments were alert and everything necessary was in
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I. There is no unanimity on the part of sd^iJ^J^ p^es
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But frequent change in the law i- (inadvisable, for many reasons :
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f T .yalipnant Disease. — Sir Wm. Fergus | for many days unimpaired; these are, in
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tem appearances which you describe. Usually, I have
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dispose of it in such safe place as the quartermaster
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ileum. Shot introduced into bowel through the prolapsing mucous
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(h). That a Detention Home be established for the reception of
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The kunkur appears to consist of animal matter, containing deposits
bijsluiter valium 5mg
resonator that an ' aigrette' or ' effleuve' 1 2 to 14 inches long escapes
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Holder, A. R. 1975. The Legal Systems in the United
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the first stage of diphtheria calms the circulation, lowers the
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A five per cent solution of carbolic acid, acting for the same period, seems
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ical culture has been made to give way to the demands of the pro-
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vat, and 12 feet wide at the farther end. It is fenced in with boards,
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The sale of medicines by other than registered pharmacists, or the
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Neuralgia, Myalgia, Sciatica, Acute Rheumatism, Hemicrania, Colds, La Grippe, Typhoid and
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note the impression on the alimentary canal in the form of gaseous
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invitation or solicitation, and that they are but samples of those daily received by
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1884 Ptb-Smith, Philip Hevbt, M.D., F.R.S., Physician
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remedy for the evil is in efficient and constant ventilation —
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formed on May 23d by the method usually employed by
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Have the patient lie down and now prepare for the operation.
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Oxygen. Sensationalism in medicine and Murphy's treatment of

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