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theme, to direct your attention. The possibility of this accurate diagnosis

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nearly 70,000, more than double the number from any other cause. In the

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centre — his hut, at the village of Langehan^ where

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that when this morbid tendency of the blood to curdle was favoured by the

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halation methods be the methods of choica Intrapharyngeal and

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cidence suggests that squamous cells are derived in fact from

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and external urethrotomy, in the treatment of urethral stricture,

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with equal advantage, and finally found it effect a cure even during the

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and move the elbows backward and forward, the upper

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rather worse. The case was caUed one of cardiac muscle failure.

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disappeared. Not long ago a man came home from Sicily bringing with him

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Morbid anatomy. — The essential pathological change is in the large

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263, diphtheria and eioup 81, typhoid fever 34, diarrheal diseases

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reference to the changes which occurred in the red blood cells :

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described gumma of the brain, to the fact that these were not

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tricity was wrong in principle, and dangerous in practice

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library and museum, professional lectures, and publications,

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patient reacted, and a cure could not be promised until this

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During this interepidemic stage, healthy controls were studied. The

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foam upon the surface of the liver at autopsy, this foam being due to the

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service corporation about fourteen years, visiting physician to St. Mary's

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Entered at the Post Office in Minneapolis as second class mail matter. Accepted for mailing at the special rate of postage provided

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Ophthalmoscopic appearances : The lens shows a stellate, post

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nical control. At least one of the first developments of his " policy" was

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their way directly from the one organ to the other.

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effect of different diets also seems significant. After a period of

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than ordinary digital examinations, — and thirdly, the labor is at

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temperature was very variable, being once, for a short while, 97°, most

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proved by the experience of other manufacturers in the same industry

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