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died of a septic pneumonia. The disease had commenced
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into the month remain patent and the patient is the subject
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Repeated efforts have been made to induce the English
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ment of surgery but Avhilst we congratulate ourseh es on our advance
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If the injection is made into the snbcutaneons tissue
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the injuries are caused by the explosion of shrapnel
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or galvanism. Similar in its results to mesmerism is hypnotism
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always be remembered that the penetrating instrument
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wells and stagnant pools. Dr. Woodhead thought that if
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time she has menstruated twice without pain and her general health is
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is maltose which is particularly suitable in conditions where rapid assimilation
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ence in the past is found in the statues and portraits in
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parched lips and yet families were large and many hearths
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calomel every hours. He being very much exhausted and not able to swallow
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There are many foci of diapedesis from the small veins.
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peculiar characters have been observed. Suffusion of the skin almost
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the cloaca and the tip of the tail. There are two unequal
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We will consider more especially the irregularities known as
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aged fifty two years had had two children tlie youngest being
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order to produce this vapour it is necessary that there should be
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shown on pressure and some little heat recognized. In
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made the better. After a few days consideration she decided
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position and insert the trocar through the abdominal wall
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allowed to stand. The divergence of this result from that
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or to open the kidney in a word to perform nephrec
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the heart he also says that in the majority of cases of contracted
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is as Dr. Buchanan phrases it the equal and ally of curative
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not by the badlti but by toxic snfastanoes absorbed
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and react to cold sensations. This is seen in a more
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to adopt in such cases and which he had followed with the best
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number of alternations the greater the excitation induced.
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relief. At Dr. Cameron s suggestion a salt free diet was
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question is the result of antecedent changes in the air
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constantly rubbed in. He does not wish to subject himself to such
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think it proljable that no rounded object in the urethra
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Stomach physiology of studies on gastric ulcer A. C. Ivy
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Report as Chairman of the Committee to Inquire into the Causes
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of getting absolute rest are conditions which render the treatment of dysen

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