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too well known to require to be here adverted to ; the greater the violence

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States, Illinois and Michigan have such inspection. Boston was the-

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been yielded to the kidney and the adsorbed bilirubin remains fixed to

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effusion disappears, and with much greater rapidity if the peri-

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Contagious Diseases), and exopathic when such diseases are

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stories what was really the matter with them. Hysteria

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the mucous membranes; various forms of asthma are also associated

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is perfect, and both Trousseau and Charcot have taught that the muscles

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ing a strongyloid larva. It then undergoes a 2nd ecdysis or moulting, but instead of

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are not increased. Zappert and others speak of an increase of the

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" 2. That the office of Superintendent-Registrar of

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(a mark), and others perhaps upon nijkq (a tumour). — Ed.

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opening into the soft parts enlarged. A conamon wood

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diseases and accidents to which the abdominal viscera are subject.

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caused by certain waters which issue frq^ the hollows of rocks,

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cause of inflammation of the lung. The fact that it may be so seems to us estab-

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placed on the sides to form handles. She had not been

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wave motion, which stimulates the nerve-centres. . . .

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