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Thus we have societies for ameHorating the vital conditions of

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holder must pay rent or leave his house. In this matter, the profession

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may be regions of softening in all stages of regressive

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visitors, but in most cases these rules can soon be relaxed, and

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pheric vicissitudes, are prone to perspire, and their perspiration has a

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who wish to be qualified for their work in every department. In

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in proportion to the work done and condition of the individual.

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Numerous pathogenic germs may be disseminated by droplets or bubbles

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TREAD WELL, Joshua B., 420 Columbus Ave., Boston — 1864.

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25th, sulphate of zinc in grain doses thrice a day was used, together

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to the left until they have gained the proper intervals. All dress to the

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troubles. If kept quiet, such conTalescents fatten rap-

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On September 3rd he was discharged from the Hospital.

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walking about the ward. A month or so later he was almost blind, failing

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The effect of exposure to air on anaerobes was not made the subject

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of the society. Medical men wishing to join are requested to send

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You're only a quack, who lives on hard tack, and as for your knowledge of physio

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mical changes which the kidneys underwent in chronic albumi-

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part being untorn must of course be a sufficient proof that the

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the animals operated upon or killed in the laboratory than there is in these

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at stool excited bleeding. The uterus was small and

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Treatment. — Of Acute Indigestion. — These cases are always ur-

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without predisposition to the disease. Patients have been admitted to insane

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to 0.071 to 0.081 to 0.085 per cent.; plasma, 0.115 per cent.

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ever, and their perfect innocence in all cases, renders

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issued in good time." — Xorth Carolina Medical Journal.

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the axis of the forceps must be in the ?/ °"nf^t' ^^•^' '"''« v^p'"'''*'Pr"1-

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although perhaps be less marked. After a period of treatment, how-

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tion of folie circulaire had to be changed in accord-

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