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cancer itself is usually small, flat, and ulcerating. Marked jaundice
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cases of phthisis residence on the sea-coast was not de-
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these errors, which are as serious as they are palpa-
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series of patients selected on account of suspected liver disease, infec-
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secretion from the duodenum. One of the dogs (Table 4) showed 7
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instances, but required to be kept from moisture, and
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emetic, a dose very fifteen minutes until relieved.
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Oifv and Therapeutics, and Director of the IMedieal
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Solon, Lever ^ was the first to trace the causal connection
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clothes, and special care is needful by ensuring the maintenance of the
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lowing numbers of cases of acute infectious disease :
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At first, diminished resonance on percussion, beginning at
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pneumonic congestion of the lungs when injected into animals,
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•581 15 Darwin, C. Different forms of flowers. Lond. 1877
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at the base of the fourth ventricle. 5. Depression of the mental
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considered that the kidneys were greatly degenerated, and when it vrould
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as it were, of the attack-producing toxin, and by the
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manufacturing chemists are very fine. The tincture of cannabis
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showing an increased tendency to rise, I advocate the use of quinine in
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from the moment of conception. These cases may be explained by the facts
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blacksmith who had injured the palm of his hand, the whole extremi-
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at the surface of water even in a vacuum, this double layer cannot
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Vancouver has a special building for tiiberculous cases at its general
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of vitality in cyanosis does indeed appear to favor tubercular
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thrombi had not undergone such degenerative changes
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understood that the bile is not poured into the stomach as
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where else in New England, is, that the friends in the East shall harmon-
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the patient corresponding to that of a partially pancrea-
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Greeks. Nor were the Greeks themselves idle through
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wanted the school closed while the problem was investi-
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the much dreaded knife is done away with. Mr. T. Swinford
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carefully watched. The temperature should be taken every 2 hours
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Areas of Study: Development, structure and function of nervous tissues, anatomical
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together ; the wound granulated from the bottom, and ultimately
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ceded by a continuous repression of perspiration, renders it expe-

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